Santa’s Little Gadgets

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Of all the streaming bits of hardware, Roku has really upped the ante with the latest bits of kit on offer. Now smaller, and with higher resolution. Private listening with the smartphone app allows you to listen to your favourite shows with your own headphones.

Google Nest Cam

The Google Nest Cam is a great looking piece of kit, with hints of the old Apple angle poise iMac thrown in. Coupled with the convenience of Google, it’s a robust home security option.


Those awfully clever people at Bose, have combined two staples of life in Gibraltar: music and sunglasses. These Bluetooth devices allow you to be Joe Cool without the need for earphones. Or wires.

GARMIN Instinct

Smartwatches can mean more than an Apple Watch. Garmin’s Instinct watch is available in a variety of colours and is ideal for venturing to Upper Rock and beyond.


Never misplace or lose something ever again. Apple AirTag is here to the rescue for all sorts of trinkets, keys and whatever else takes your fancy. Use the Find My app to track your belongings. It even has safeguards against creepy behaviour built-in.


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