Accountability is the act of being responsible for what you do and being able to give a satisfactory reason for it.

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Accountability is when an individual or department experiences consequences for their performance or actions. Accountability is essential for an organization and for a society. Without it, it is difficult to get people to assume ownership of their own actions because they believe they will not face any consequences.

When you are personally accountable, you take ownership of situations that you’re involved in. You see them through and you take responsibility for what happens – good or bad. You don’t blame others if things go wrong, instead you do your best to make things right. 

As with all aspects of life, accountability begins with the self. We must take responsibility for ourselves and our actions and accept liability for things that go wrong. We must be able to report back authentically to our higher self and be able to answer to that higher self. 

Without this level of personal responsibility – taking nothing else in life will follow through in the best way possible, for the highest good of all concerned. As we live though an epoch when every value of society is being challenged, it is essential that we stand firm and clear within our own set of values and remain true to our highest and most authentic self. When the normal reference points of society become less and less trustworthy, it is essential for our very survival that we have a strong and secure internal framework to refer to.

Accountability to ourselves on the Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Spiritual levels is not an easy task but it is an entirely worthwhile and satisfying one.  And when we take the time to do this work on ourselves then we have no need to worry whether or not we are showing up fully in our workplaces, families or wherever … as within so without.    

When you begin taking personal responsibility for yourself using this wider approach, you will find that you have altogether healthier relationships with family, friends and colleagues.  You’ll find yourself letting go of friendships that drag you down or that just don’t align with your values. You’ll find yourself receiving new work offers and meeting new people, making new, deeper connections and longer lasting friendships. 

Personal accountability can save time and money, too. People who take responsibility for their actions speak up, and they look for solutions when there’s a problem. This not only prevents the situation from getting worse, but also stops costs and delays from escalating.

Teaching the art of personal accountability to our children has far reaching effects and indeed a 2005 study found that children who were encouraged to take personal responsibility for their actions also had more positive social interactions. 

Taking personal responsibility for our actions is very empowering. By being fully honest with ourselves, and so with our higher self, we know that we have practised honesty and authenticity and therefore are protected by Universal Law. 

We cannot lie to God and honesty is always the best policy, materially and spirituality. Always focus on your own role in a situation, and think about how you can find solutions.

Know your role …. Be honest … say sorry if appropriate and you will have created a win – win situation where everyone involved feels respected and validated.

When you are personally accountable, you take ownership of what happens as a result of your choices and actions. You don’t blame others or make excuses, and you do what you can to make amends when things go wrong.

The same applies spiritually. As I mentioned earlier, we cannot lie to God. We are spiritual beings inhabiting the body and having a material experience. Therefore, we have a higher self, a guardian, a mentor, a guide who has our very best interests at heart and whose purpose is to guide and support us to be the very best version of ourself that we can be. This higher self will not do it for us. This higher self gives us free will to make mistakes to figure out how to deal with the challenges, the heartbreaks and the joys that come along to teach us and to help us travel our path.

So, think carefully about situations where you didn’t take responsibility but should have. These mistakes and failures can be valuable teaching tools, if you have the courage to learn from them. There is no such thing as failure … simply it is another opportunity to do something better next time. 

Many people begin their day with a meditation. This is a form of connecting and communication with your higher self.  It is a form of spiritual accountability. Starting your day gently communing with your higher self, sets the tone for the day. You’ve checked in, got some guidance on a few things and got clarity on how best to deal with certain things that the day will present. You will feel centred, strong and confident and, in turn, this frees you up to enjoy the glorious world around you as your mind has handed over the details to your higher power and asked for the appropriate guidance. Smell the coffee, smell the flowers, look up and breathe in the beauty and the vastness of the sky. Smile at people, make eye contact, send love from your heart to everyone who you meet today.  Send love to those who are far away or who are suffering in any way.   

When you master the art of accountability you naturally create the space to do these things as you go about your day.  As natural as breathing. 

Kate Mchardy MA(Hons) PGCE MSPH Spiritual coach, teacher and healer. / Tel: +44 7712889534. Facebook: The University of Light Group / Readings at The University of Light (@tarotangelspiritreadings). 

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