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More than just a shirt

The football shirt reveal…. The time when a club looks forward to showing off their new shirt design for the upcoming season. Their new work of art. The shirt that the players will wear with pride, and that fans will long to buy. Next to the badge, its the biggest part of a clubs identity used to show off their colours. After a couple of seasons of having a shirt which wasn’t predominantly yellow, it was time to go back to who we are. The Yellows. 

We often see fan made concept kits appearing on social media around the time of new kits being unveiled, and supporters going wild for them. So not wanting to use an ‘off the shelf’ kit, the idea was born to run a competition to give the fans the opportunity to design a kit for Lynx FC, with one being chosen by the committee members to be worn for the 2021/22 season, the designer of which, receiving the shirt as a prize. The standard was incredibly high, with more submissions than we imagined we would get. Many shirts having some subtle details, but each really bringing something to the design. The committee certainly had their work cut out in trying to pick our own favourites, and then finally agreeing on a winner. 

Lynx FC president Jack Noble had this to say about the new shirt:

“We are really excited to reveal our new kit for next season. Blocked largely in yellow, this well and truly takes us back to our Lynx family roots. The black shoulders ghosted with the coat markings of a Lynx, embodies our true fighting spirit. To us, the shirt offers a sense of family, resilience, and strong fighting spirit. We look forward to welcoming you back to the stands with us for the new season. We Live Forever”

The winning design by @theinkredible.munk on Instagram, features a striking pattern on the torso of the shirt, and on the shoulders and sleeves, a representation of the fur of the Lynx cat. For us it was also a must to feature the flag of Gibraltar, and our motto, ‘We Live Forever’, and we feel they absolutely nailed the placement on the shirt. 

He said “It’s truly an amazing feeling to have my design used in such a big way, this is a big motivator to keep designing. I love the fact that I was able to contribute something to the sport I love. I may not be good on the pitch, but I can still say I left my mark on it. As for the design of the shirts, I used the Iberian Lynx as inspiration, which is native to some parts of Europe. I recently found out it is an endangered species, so this can really spread some awareness as well”

We have to say thanks to all those who submitted designs, and as I said before, the quality was extremely high. You never know, we could revisit some of these designs for future seasons.

If you would like to register your interest in purchasing a shirt, please contact the club.

A huge thanks also has to go to Sprint Sports for producing this fantastic shirt for us, we returned to them after they did such an amazing job with our futsal kits!

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