Coincidence, is there such a thing?

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Coincidences are common place, as we know, and everyone, but everyone can quote an example of, “What a coincidence!” But the question is, “Is there such a thing as coincidence?” And what exactly is happening when a coincidence does occur? 

Is a coincidence a random event or does someone ‘up there’ have a sense of humour or, if we go back to The Celestine Prophecy, that wonderful golden oldie by James Redfield, not co incidence at all but synchronicity?

What is synchronicity?  Synchronicity is the word which means things happening or coming together at the same time. Perhaps there is no such thing as coincidence – perhaps we are all much more interconnected than we are consciously aware of and that, being spiritual beings having a material experience, we are all, in fact, aspects of one universal energy and therefore much more in tune with one anothers’ energies than we can imagine. 

We can create happenings in our lives much more easily and quickly than we think we can and indeed much more easily than most people want to believe because when you take on this belief you also accept responsibility for your own life and that can be scary for many.

I recently read this lovely and simple story by the French poet Emile Deschamps. He tells us that, as a child, 

…he happened to share a table with a stranger, a Mnsr Fortgibu, who suggested that he try a plum pudding. The child tried the plum pudding and enjoyed it very much but thought no more about it. Until ten years later when he was passing a restaurant and noticed that there was plum pudding on the menu. On the spur of the moment, he decided to try it again only to be told that it was reserved for someone else. He approached the other customer to ask if they might share the pudding only to discover that it was Mnsr Fortgibu!! Many years later he was served plum pudding at a dinner party and laughingly suggested that that now he was eating the dish again, the older gentleman would probably reappear. Soon after there was a knock at the door. The host opened the door to an old gentleman who was looking for another apartment in the same building – and sure enough, it was Mnsr Fortgibu! 

Co-incidence? Scientists don’t seem to think so but then they haven’t come up with a scientific reason either.

So, if it is meaningful synchronicity, what might this story be about? Very often, when we meet somebody repeatedly in similar ways, they turn out to have specific information for us that we didn’t even know we needed. Or the meeting will draw our attention to something which can have life changing consequences. Almost everyone can think of a ‘co-incidence’ of this type which has happened in their life. Is this because our unconscious mind knows that this person has certain information that we need or is it our guardian angels drawing us together and engineering the connection? Who really knows? And does it really matter? 

Should we even bother? Should we pay attention? Can we make co-incidences happen or are our angels doing the job and so we don’t have to? I would suggest that if it helps to remove some of the stress from daily life, then it is rather silly to not bother. If it helps to make others’ lives easier then surely it is selfish not to bother. And, just as in everyday conscious reality, if we let other people do all the hard work for us, they are likely to get fed up and go find someone more appreciative. Angels are exactly the same. Which takes us back to taking responsibility for our own lives. No more victim or ‘poor me’ mentality! 

What is a victim mentality? ‘Poor Me’ the victim! We all know people, and if we are honest, we know that we all play the role from time to time, who are victims. Poor me, life is hard. Poor me, I don’t have enough money. Poor me, I can’t get a job. Poor me, my partner left etc etc. Always someone else’s fault. 

If you happen to mention that you’ve just been to the dentist and had a tooth out, they will have had at least two, probably infected, taken out and how the dentist never had to pull out such a big tooth is all his career etc etc. For these people, things will never change until they decide to change themselves. And, as we know, all change starts at home, inside, with ourselves. 

So, can paying attention to co-incidences help this? Well, co-incidences are happening all around us all the time and, like anything else in life the more you practise the better you get. One of the first people to study co-incidence was a Dr Paul Kammerer, who kept a co-incidence journal. The actual co-incidences were often of little importance in themselves, but he was amazed at the sheer volume of them. At points he actually stopped recording them because there were so many it became overwhelming. And so he reasoned that the very act of keeping the journal was increasing the number of coincidences that he was experiencing. Interesting. 

We might also ask if our spirit friends have a role to play in co-incidence/synchronicity. I feel that it is most likely and that the more we train ourselves in stillness and listening within then the easier it is for them to connect with us and help us make sense of this weird and wonderful world that we live in.

Kate Mchardy MA(Hons) PGCE MSPH Spiritual coach, teacher and healer. / Tel: +44 7712889534. Facebook: The University of Light Group / Readings at The University of Light (@tarotangelspiritreadings). 

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