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Canine Companions

The Gibraltar Defence Police (GDP) Dog Section recently hosted the MOD’s Veterinary Services Training and Advisory Team (VSTAT) and achieved high standards in both veterinary care and infrastructure standards.

VSTAT forms part of the Defence Animal Training Regiment (DATR) and ensures all organisations within Defence meet the highest of standards for animal health, welfare and performance in accordance with legislation and policy. The GDP’s Dog Section was commended for its hard work and effective police dog advocacy.

The relaxation of COVID control measures has allowed the Royal Gibraltar Regiment to increase the tempo of its operations and visibility both home and abroad. Here is a selection of photos of activities recently undertaken by the RG.

CBF Commendation

Petty Officer Supply Chain (POSC) Ronda Crampton-Reid recently received a Commander British Forces (CBF) Commendation for her work assisting Headquarters British Forces on Op Stonewise over the past six months.

On presenting the award Commodore Steve Dainton, Commander British Forces Gibraltar said, “This has been an outstanding performance by POSC Crampton-Reid, from an individual who has gone beyond the role expected of her and for which she was deployed out here. Her efforts have resulted in a significant improvement in the warehouse and in the accounting of materiel.”

POSC Crampton-Reid will shortly return back to the UK to make final preparations for her wedding in the coming weeks. Congratulations from everyone at Insight on both counts.


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