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During this unprecedented period in the evolution of our planet, many people are struggling to feel connected with, not only other people but with themselves.  The ground beneath our feet feels rather like shifting sands and what once seemed safe, secure and known now feel unsafe, uncertain and sometimes downright scary.

While we all do our best to remain centred and sure of our way forward, the truth is that this is an almost superhuman task at this time. However, it is not impossible. It just may be that the answer lies in teamwork.  Most of us are familiar with the mnemonic TEAM referring to Together Everyone Achieves More. Well, right now that may so very much more relevant than we could ever have thought. 

As the world moves beyond the material realms of what is known as 3D reality and on towards the more spiritual reality of 5D there are the pains and difficulties of rebirth. Just as the birthing mother must focus on her breathing in order to stay calm and help her baby into the world and its new life so, we too, must focus on our breathing, on staying calm with the breath and helping this beautiful new world to come into being. 

One of the best things to happen to us during these last months is that we have been given time to reflect. Not everyone has been able to relax into this but for those who have it has been very powerful and very valuable. And so, to come back into the world with a deeper understanding of ourself, our needs and the many ways we can be of service to others. Of course, once this understanding has been glimpsed it is impossible to continue life without reference to it. It becomes an intrinsic and important part of daily life. Of our every action.  

People have had to dig deep into their souls to tap into their inner strength and to help others remain strong. We support each other. We realise that when we work as a team then life flows more smoothly and we can each make our best contribution and Together Everyone Achieves More. 

So, if you are searching at the moment, maybe feeling unfulfilled or frustrated and knowing that you are not stretching yourself or channelling your skills and talents fully then I suggest you take stock of your life and identify a dream that you have that brings you the sense of inner satisfaction that is lacking.  Allow that dream to come forward in your awareness and acknowledge it.  Do you sense a tingling in your heart centre?  A sense of excitement?  It may be immediately quenched by the little voice which immediately reminds you why it would never work, can never happen. Stop right there and allow the dream to come forward again and as you do so allow the little voice to recede. 

hold the dream. 

Set aside some time to brainstorm the ways in which you can move forward to making your dream reality. Ask yourself why would you pursue this dream?  How would it be of service to others?  Who would you need to work with to bring forth success? Any dream worth realising requires teamwork, co-operation and selfless service. 

As the great Earl Nightingale said, “Success is the progressive realisation of a worthy ideal”. 

When you have taken these steps and assembled the team you will work with then devote yourself to visioning your dream tirelessly and consistently always aiming at the highest good for all concerned. The roles of those involved may not all be the same size … they may evolve and grow … they may change. The team members may change but the essence will remain true as long as you communicate freely, effectively and with love. 

These actions will bring you a sense of feeling valued, enriched and supported by the whole. This may be your family, friends or work situation. They will also build within you the self confidence to share with and encourage others. To help others overcome their feeling of insignificance, identify their inner callings and to guide them in honouring and bringing those inner callings to fruition. 

Can you see the incredible impact this personal unfolding can have as the ripple effects move out and beyond the immediate reach of you, the individual?  We are all energy beings and, as the frequencies rise around us, we connect more deeply with one another. We are all one and as such what we give out is what we get back. 

For this reason, it is essential that we monitor our thoughts and catch ourselves when those negative ones winkle their way in!  This is not about beating yourself up… it is about recognising that negative thoughts are absolutely normal and simply need to be noticed and light-heartedly flicked away. 

We are spiritual being living in physical bodies and so the care and maintenance of both are equally important. And we do this by following follow our spiritual guidance. Like the great oak tree, we must plant ourselves firmly in the ground while reaching up to the highest levels of spiritual awareness in order to be centred and to conscientiously manage the uncertainties of the world that we are all currently navigating. 

You are not alone – remember that Together Everyone Achieves More. 

Kate Mchardy MA(Hons) PGCE MSPH Spiritual coach, teacher and healer. / Tel: +44 7712889534. Facebook: The University of Light Group / Readings at The University of Light (@tarotangelspiritreadings). 

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