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The Suzuki Across was the first new model to launch under the collaborative agreement between Suzuki motor corporation and Toyota motor corporation. Simple reasons for this new marriage: Suzuki needed the technology lower emissions Toyota can offer, and Toyota needed to get into markets that Suzuki are strong in

The new Across is in fact a Toyota RAV4, but has been Suzuki-ised, which basically means it has had all the Toyota badges removed and Suzuki badges stuck on instead.

The Across is a medium sized SUV, but does have plenty of interior space.

It is powered by Toyota’s 2.5 litre petrol engine coupled to a plug-in hybrid system. The size of the engine does sound excessive, but it’s efficient and economical. All of this goes to the E-Four electronic 4×4 system that ensures confidence and better control in slippery conditions. 

The Across has the hybrid plug-in system, which means you get a cable in the boot of the car, and a plug hidden away behind a flap. If you have a home charger you can put it on charge whilst at home, but if not, I’m afraid you have to find a public charger that is working, and wait over an hour.

The Across is a good looking SUV with nice styling, crisp bold lines and looks great from every angle. It has wheel arch mouldings and a large open grille which makes it look more muscular.

The interior is certainly gives you a sense of luxury and comfort with well-crafted upholstery and the cabin has high quality materials with good fit and finish, and has “soft-padding” on the dashboard and door trims, all adding to give it a premium look and feel.

Despite it being both petrol and electric you drive it exactly the same as you would any other car. Press the start button, put the automatic gearbox into drive, depress the accelerator … and away you go. The car does all the thinking for you, and maximises fuel consumption and reduces petrol consumption as much as possible. The car charges the batteries when you are slowing down or going down hills, it stores this energy, and uses it when needed.

Suzukis have traditionally been renowned worldwide for their price, and good value for money, but in the UK list prices comes out somewhat higher than expected at £45,599.

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