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I recently had on test from Mazda UK press dept a CX-30 100th Anniversary Edition, and even had 100 years 1920-2020 embossed on the head rests, so you couldn’t forget this was a commemorative vehicle.

Now I must admit, I didn’t know Mazda had been in business for all that time, and so I thought I would check out its history. Mazda didn’t actually start life as a car manufacturer, but as a cork manufacturer called Toyo Kogyo Co Ltd based in Hiroshima. But in the late 1920’s the cork company had to be saved from bankruptcy. How they made the leap from cork to cars is another story.

In 1931 the cork company developed its first vehicle called the “Mazda-Go” which was a tricycle-truck, basically a 3-wheel motorbike with a box on the back.

The first car Mazda produced was in 1940, a four-seater family saloon, but production was put on hold thanks to WWII. In 1945 Mazda started making a three-wheel truck the K360, and made a remarkable recovery despite the fact there was very little  left in Hiroshima.

Mazda started producing small mini-vans and 1-ton pick-ups and did very well with these and sold many to other countries.

In 1967 Mazda launched the Cosmo Sport 110, and was the first production car to have the innovative two-rotor Rotary engine. Over two million Mazdas have been sold with a Rotary engine to date.

The CX-30 is powered by 2.0-litre petrol engine that produces 180ps, and although the engine does look big for the size of car, it was relatively economical and just as good on fuel as other competitors with much smaller engines. Mazda have spent much time, effort and money developing their Skyactive engines, which are designed to be efficient, quiet and economical.

The interior of the 100th Edition is very special indeed, with lovely red and beige leather upholstery and some very nice standard equipment. There is plenty of room for five adults, and the boot is very spacious.

The CX-30 is in a very popular yet competitive sector of the market, the SUV is now in demand from many people, both young and old, as they do offer a practical and flexible vehicle, but are generally sensibly priced, loads of room, but not too big, and easy to park.

The Mazda CX-30 is certainly a good looking car, a pleasure to drive and has more than enough power, and interior space.

It has been interesting looking at Mazda’s history. Not is all that it appears to be on first inspection from this car company celebrating its centenary.


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