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Apart from the clear and present pressure that COVID-19 has given rise to in terms of daily life, it has also unleashed some anxieties regarding careers.

Given the environment the world now finds itself in, devices and gadgets that offer better at-home productivity and entertainment solutions loomed large at this year’s CES. The biggest names in consumer tech offered up a multitude of innovations in their virtual showrooms geared toward making life better for the millions who now work and play primarily within the confines of their homes.

As such, the things on offer tended to have definition at their heart. But it’s not just for work purposes that the shift is happening in the home. The even greater spread of the MMORPG phenomenon during the pandemic was perhaps boosted by the interactivity and interaction it relies on through the course of playing. And treaming services bought and shifted home streaming/video experiences for the latest TV and movie releases. Wonder Woman and Eddie Murphy’s latest outings made their debuts in the home as a direct result of the COVID pandemic.

There is one aspect, however, that was underplayed. The need for a decent audio setup wasn’t quite as prominent in all the glossy brochures and demo videos. Noise cancelling for the multitude of Zoom/Teams calls as well as thunderous bass to be totally immersed in a favourite movie are both equally important sides of the same coin.

As usual, it was LG, Samsung and Sony who led the way with their offerings. And as previously niche innovations become more mainstream, this only benefits the consumer as prices fall in keeping with demand and economies of scale.

But don’t get too excited just yet. The net big thing around the corner will be the wholesaled adoption of augmented and virtual reality. Perhaps the pandemic was training us never to have to leave the home ever again all along?

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