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As I introduce my second column of the New Year we find ourselves still struggling with the Pandemic. When we went into isolation for the first time in March last year I published some poems that were written with the best intentions to promote solidarity and perhaps raise a smile in those dark days which have still not left us. The four selected poems are called ‘Blue Angels’ ‘Lockdown’ ‘Again’ and ‘Deliverance Day.’  I think it’s fair to say that we still have some way to go before we can shake of this bad dream and return to some semblance of our old normal. It is in that spirit that I hope my words will be read and hopefully enjoyed too.

Blue Angels

Mostly they are blue but not always so and we love them to bits

They wear different colours and have different wings but they all matter to us

They have manifested their selflessness to rally against unknown odds

Fate has rolled the dice all over the table and the six has never come up once

Uncertainty and infection were seemingly insurmountable stumbling blocks at first

Blue angels got past the hurdles but yet their folks at home wouldn’t listen

They wouldn’t listen because they were not in that mindset and were not yet ready to obey

There were messages of staying indoors that were being misunderstood unheeded and certainly abused

The threat was still invisible to the naked eye but the havoc it was wreaking everywhere was real enough

World news is somehow still seen as detached from here because local stats are comforting at first glance

Blue angels and all the other divisions of frontline fighters are much loved and appreciated because we know that they will be our heroes

Yet somehow a number of noisemakers at the eight pm balconies rendezvous also make it outside next day – undoing all the good work done the day before

Blue angels are disheartened but they will never gave up on their folk

Day by day and night by night they fight their battles for them 

They are determined to win at all costs and there will be a cost

The fat wallet and the donations cannot buy time and still folk are not listening

Blue angels sometimes cry into their gowns when no one’s looking

Lockdown words

Unexpected unprotected
Segregated isolated disinfected
We were ready we made plans
Top of the list washing hands
Fight this war and win first battle
Still in hiding penned like cattle
Great outside we’re wishing for
Families meeting outside the door
Someone’s coming let them through
We like to ask how do you do
Suspicion lingers just enough
Spoils the moment life is tough
Smiles unseen behind their masks
Frontline heroes do their tasks
News is good what food is news
Life is changing TV views
We just listen – no debate
Unfolding drama at the gate
Are we there yet are we winning
Seems like so but few are grinning
Crystal gazing self effacing
We can’t lose our sense of humour
Don’t stoke the fire in the mill of rumour
Nose out of joint what’s the point
Staying indoors will set you free
Empty chairs just two for tea.
Cupcakes for you sandwich for me
Mortdella lucky fella
Not the way we it used to be
Happy families the more the merrier
Tasty scraps for cat and terrier
Over the top and always noisy
Happy birthday aunty Rosy
Missing that and missing more
Walks along the seashore
What to do what to say
Have to wait another day
Catching flies wishing ‘n’ hoping
Prefer blue skies to indoor moping
Never mind let’s just be kind
Let’s stay bright fit and sane
It will not have been in vain
Well worth staying alive for
That’s who we are resilient to the core.


We shall dance in the supermarket aisles again
We will have our May Day Rally and concert again
We shall eat ‘calentita’ in overcrowded Casemates, again
Maybe not so soon this time but again

Maybe not too long from now we shall be smiling again
Again we will do our Red and White
This is not a shutdown it’s just a temporary glitch
Mother Earth is breathing easier, pollution resting, looking bright
Give her a break while we make our pitch
A vaccine will be found of that we can be sure
It’s waiting in the shadows for science to procure

Since we’re stuck in this together and it’s not of our own making
Let’s all stick to the plan. Let’s share some home baking- not for real- just onscreen
We can’t be too careful if outside we may have been
We shall laugh again, high five again and hug again
All those noisy things that make us who we are
We know we’re blessed, we have a lucky star.


There was joy in the air and we were running because we had to get there
This was going to be the day when most of us would sing and dance
We had found a new way to live because we had left nothing to chance
Far too long we had been quiet and still – very much against our will

Today would be the day that we could abandon precautions
Once again we could cast fate to our wind from the east
What will be will be and hopefully come in the right proportions
Many a tinge of sadness yes but mostly gladness – we had slain the beast

We had to isolate for a while and we had suppressed many a feeling
Time now to let it out with screams and shouts and hugs and many a kiss
Recent memories of fervent prayers and dark days that we wouldn’t miss
So dancing on the ceiling today would be a welcome break from kneeling

A million happy tears have rolled away the years – now we are all the same age
We have been reborn and we should write ourselves a new page
There was joy in the air and we were running because we had to get there
None of us would be late but the gathering crowds had the same idea

Let’s all go there early and get a view that’s clear
No room for moving with so many familiar faces packed in such tiny spaces
Expectation in the air- hearts in our mouths when we finally got there
Today we’re going to celebrate our deliverance day party in Casemates Square.

Suddenly I wake up and reality is clear this D-Day party’s not happening I fear
Would be playing into enemy hands with so many people to each other so near
We shall have to wait and see and those who believe continue to pray
That we come through this lockdown safely and gather to party another day.

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