New Year New You


What does that mean for a parent?

So it is that time of year again when we look at a new year beginning and sit down and plan our New Year’s resolutions. These could include healthier regimes or new jobs or hobbies. However, when you are a parent, especially of young children how can you incorporate some of these resolutions into your daily life. 

As the Parent and Child Society’s name indicates the Parent comes first. However, we all know as parents that we put our children first and ourselves second, this is not always the best way round and when making resolutions we need to consider ourselves first maybe. 

Every year thousands of people make similar resolutions, more exercise, eating better and healthier, getting more fulfilment from a new job or a new hobby. This articles aim is to show you that being a parent will not stop you from meeting these resolutions but might help you along the way and improving life with your little ones. 

So, you have decided to do more exercise but with a little one at home when will you find the time? Yes, you could wake up earlier and do it before your child raises or maybe in the evenings, but why not consider making exercise part of your day with your child instead. If your child is little why not strap them into their pram and take a walk or run together not only are you getting your exercise, but your child gets to enjoy the environment around them. If you have an active toddler head to the play park and instead of just watching your child on the play equipment, play with them, join in on the monkey bars or on the climbing frame. 

As well as doing more exercise, lots of people have the New Year’s resolution to eat healthier. As parents you are also always aware of the importance of feeding your children the right types of food, so these are two great resolutions to join. Why not try cooking with your children? You could try out healthy recipes together. Try making chicken fajitas packed with lean meat (or tofu), fresh peppers and onions topped with salad. At PACS we have found that foods kids normally will not eat, they are more open to if they have been involved in the making. Also maybe set up a challenge with your child to eat their 5 a day and you will naturally find your intake will increase too. At PACS some of our healthy foods to make with kids include veg packed pasta bakes and fruit smoothies. Both recipes encourage healthy eating and kids get to improve their fine motor skills by chopping up the ingredients. 

Maybe your new year resolution is to get a new job or return to work after having your children. You might be experiencing guilt about leaving your child behind. But its important to remember that what is right for you can also be right for your family. If you are feeling that you need the new challenge at work then take it because staying as you are may actually have a negative impact on you, which will affect your relationships at home too. Just find the right balance for you and your child.

A lot of the time when you become a parent you start to forget about yourself, but this could be the perfect time to take back some “me” time and start a new hobby or rekindle the love for an old one. Find one that you can fit around your home and work life, maybe an evening course or class, the Gibraltar College offers a range from languages to cooking. Remember, to take time for yourself to do something you enjoy.

Like with all New Year’s resolutions do not go too hard and fast, take little steps to achieve your longer lasting resolutions. Here at PACS we wish you the best of luck for your new year. 

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