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2020 has been a very odd year. In fact, the energy of 2020 has been completely unprecedented in living history.  The global upheaval has had far reaching consequences so far and they will continue well into the future. Indeed, things will never go back to normal as we knew it or as we perceived ‘normal’ to be.

While this is devastating in many ways and many people have suffered terribly during this period, I believe that, for our sanity alone, it is essential to put events of this last year into a new framework.   

Mother nature, like most mothers, has a range of amazing guidelines to keep her family in order. Mothers teach respect and good manners, they teach their offspring to be kind, caring and considerate, to not take advantage and to not be greedy. To understand that life moves in circles, each year has its seasons and the moon and the tides wax and wane on a balanced basis.  

When these guidelines are not followed, when the balance is tipped too far, when people forget or are misled and become selfish and greedy there are consequences …… 

It seems that however we perceive the phenomenon of Mother Nature, this balance has been severely tipped in 2020. Many have seen it coming for a long time but did any of us truly grasp the severity that those consequences would wreak upon the world … upon mankind.

And so to move forward.  We cannot go back – would we want to? Even if we did want to move back, we can only go forward. But in what way and in what frame of mind?

It seems clear that there has been huge takeover bid by the darkness in the world to block the light. Many, many people, led by lightworkers and healers, have acknowledged their Invisible Power, acknowledged their Inner Light and are growing confident in sharing their Light, Love and Joy with everyone they come into contact with. And beyond. One of the amazing things that has come through this great crisis has been the rising awareness across the globe that we are indeed spiritual beings having a physical experience. 

Many people, myself being one of them, believe that this upheaval has been Mother Earth saying enough is enough! That the planetary energies are now ascending from a 3D to a 5D frequency. What does this mean? Well, the 3D or Third Dimension is focussed on the ego. On self – serving and fear – based actions. On lack of compassion, on judgement and conditional love, not trusting, insecurity. 5D or Fifth Dimension focusses on no ego, on serving others, on gratitude, fearlessness and unconditional love. At the moment the world is caught in the transitional phase of 4D or Fourth Dimensional energy, Many know that 3D no longer has a place but are not yet fully confident enough to release themselves into 5D energy. And so there is a lot of unrest and confusion, misinformation and misguidance.

So, while remaining aware of the physical and material things going on around us it is essential that we understand and develop our awareness of the spiritual nature of these happenings.  Fear is trying to hold us in the materialism of 3D but Mother Earth is taking us forward. The transition cannot be held back any more than the moon can be held back or the tide caused to cease ebbing and flowing. Humans cannot stop the flowers from growing in springtime or the buds sprouting on the trees. Or the cyclical nature of the seasons.

Therefore, it is in the best interests of all if we embrace these changes without fear. When we can understand what is really happening then we can aid in the rebirth process just as the midwife helps the new baby into the world. Birthing is a messy process with fear and uncertainty and often a lot of pain ….. but when the mother breathes correctly and flows with the surges as the baby makes its way down the birth canal then so the birth is supported, baby delivered with ease and new life emerges. 

And so it is with all of us in 2020. We are in a period of rebirth, of transition and we must ease it in with Light, Love and Joy. When you look back at 2020 and you take stock of what has affected you, what has changed, what you have lost …. Think then on what has worked for your good. What have you learned over these last months, what has made you stronger, what opportunities have presented themselves that you can move forward with into the next year knowing that you can and will impact those around you in a positive way creating a glorious future? 

Go into your heart centre and feel the love inside. Breathe in more of that love and allow it to spread and then send it out from your heart to the hearts of others … to the Universal heart and hep the planet to heal. Do not underestimate the power within you, your Invisible Power. Remember that we are all unique and yet we are all dots of glorious light on the one body of consciousness and together we are an indomitable force. You are Rare, you are One of a kind, you can Never be remodelled or repeated, you are an Angel of the universe.

You are a magnet for Love, Light and Joy and YOU ARE ENOUGH.

Kate Mchardy MA(Hons) PGCE MSPH Spiritual coach, teacher and healer. / Tel: +44 7712889534. Facebook: The University of Light Group / Readings at The University of Light (@tarotangelspiritreadings). 

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