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Born from the tumultuous upheaval the Covid-19 pandemic has brought to the world, Kiki’s Creative is a product of artistic passion, Venetian influences and a love for avocados!

Nestled in the heart of Trevone Bay where Kiki’s Creative was born, the root of inspiration for this design business dates back to 2014! With a background in Art History and a love for travel, my cultural- infused, globe- trotting experiences inspired the creation of the Creatives! An amalgamation of Venetian intricacies, pearlescent sunset glows and a timeless lull of effervescent colour and beauty, the birth of Kiki’s Creative is a highly personal experience. 

Having always been a lover of the arts and continuously infected with the culture bug, my personal artistic journey has led me to work in various sectors of the art world. From being a Journalist, Art Historian, Presenter at the National Gallery, Photographer and most recently, PR & Marketing Designer, Kiki’s Creative is a product of my greatest interests and came to fruition during lockdown of April 2020. 

Benefitting from a laptop lifestyle, and in the midst of the worldwide pandemic, Kiki’s Creative is an online business which aims to re-vamp the aesthetic of companies, and help them learn about the world of social media while gaining an organic online presence. Able to work from anywhere in the world and use online video calls as a means to communicate with clients to discuss larger scale projects, the concept of Kiki’s Creative is to provide a service which is unaffected by the Covid-19 pandemic, aesthetically modernise new and existing businesses, teach entrepreneurs how to implement the use of social media in the work place, and serve as an aid to help online growth by creating  a fresh, simple, economic and modern look which brings a smile to people’s faces. 

Having never been keen on the use of social media platforms, my life paradoxically took a turn in that direction! Becoming certified in Content & Social Media Marketing, I initially began by testing the waters and experimenting with Instagram as a way to promote my business, learn about the world of online marketing, and engage with like-minded artists. From having no knowledge of the concept of “hashtags”, “stories” and “followers”, to suddenly finding myself diving into the virtual abyss that is social networking. By taking risks and sharing my passion with others, the feedback received has been nothing but positive and full of encouragement and support. From the thousands and millions of endless topics, images and artistic masterpieces shared with the world through Instagram, one builds a sense of community, becomes encapsulated in this intricate web of social media and truly inspired by the overwhelming amount of talent that exists. 

Serving as a digital portfolio to showcase one’s talents and passions, Kiki’s Creative aims to give those freelance photographers, web designers, marketers, graphic designers and writers a chance to express themselves by doing what they love the most! Offering a broad design service for businesses and individuals, Kiki’s Creative has a diverse range of artistic resources. From Website Design, Social Media Management, Brochure & Logo Design and Re-branding, to Photography and Journalism. With our team of passionate artists, and in collaboration with Frank Scalici Photos Gibraltar, we offer an economic means of branding your business which enables entrepreneurs to take a step back and allow us to pave the way for businesses to have as much organic reach as possible. With “love” being the overriding and most essential ingredient incorporated into every project that comes our way, at Kiki’s Creative we work flexibly and closely with our clients to find the perfect business aesthetic in a simple, clear and affordable manner. 

From waking up at the crack of dawn to snap that perfect photograph, and braving the elements in the name of art and photography, at Kiki’s Creative it’s our love for what we do and chasing our passions that fulfil us every day. If there’s one thing I have learnt, in the words of wisdom by Sylvia Plath it is that “the worst enemy to creativity is self- doubt”, so always have faith in yourself and keep doing what you love!

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