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If there is one thing that has surprised us all during the lockdown period of Covid-19, it has to be the amount of unknown talent out there. Some have entertained with renditions of well-known songs, while others have danced their way through the lockdown and many have used their time painting the most amazing artworks in all forms. Here in Gibraltar we know that we have many talented people. One of those talented people who you may not know is Jude Farmer.

“Although I never had any formal training in art” Jude explains,“I just love to bring a smile to the faces of children with my wall murals, and from my own perspective I love to watch the scene come to life.”

“I have over the years painted many characters and scenes, and of course there are always new characters hitting the screens. My inspiration always comes from the mouths of children. They will tell you in no uncertain terms exactly what they want to see. I once painted a whole room as a woodland scene with woodland animals. I like to add little extras and I included painted apples on card which were hung from the trees.

My own daughter loved the story of Sleeping Beauty, so I painted scenes on every wall and hung real curtains on Sleeping Beauty’s four poster bed. Needless to say my daughter was over the moon. The little unexpected extras bring a scene to life,” says Jude.

“Not forgetting the boys. I have painted football stadium scenes for my own sons. Liverpool of course! It’s just simply something I enjoy. Almost anything can be brought to life with a little imagination.

Fifteen years ago when my granddaughter was born asleep at St Bernard’s Hospital I painted a mural in the Maternity Ward as a tribute to her and all the other babies who were born sleeping. It was a sad time but I hoped that it could bring a little comfort to others.

Bringing the walls to life is just simply something I enjoy doing, but the best part is seeing and hearing the reaction from the children when they see it for the first time.”

Jude can be contacted on 54009681 or by email:

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