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You are a creative genius! Yes, you!  

We are all beings created from and by the Divine Source and so we are imprinted with the same creative genius that created us.

In society, primarily in school, we are taught that some people are ‘creative’. We all knew who was the arty one in class, who was the maths whizz, who was the poet, the musician and so on. The fact is that we all have incredible creative talent. The key is to recognise your own talent and not compare it with anyone else’s. 

If you feel you are not creative then I challenge you to slowly flip though the pages of any one day in your life and look at the things you did. The conversations you had and the things you enjoyed most. What would you like to have spent more time on, pushed a little bit further, made last a little bit longer? 

Creativity comes in so many forms and in order to free your deepest creative energy you need to recognise this and move away from the perceived notion of what it means to be creative. 

Stay-at-home mothers or fathers are probably among the most creative beings on the planet! Under recognised and unacknowledged geniuses in the organising, arranging and rearranging of the family. Keeping sanity in tact, resolving disputes, drying tears and enabling the whole circus to keep on rolling. It takes an incredibly creative mind to manage all those things on a day by day, hour by hour, even minute by minute basis. Now, how about the businessperson who has been leading their team, resolving disputes, meeting deadlines, encouraging employees and then coming home and creating a meal because they relaxes when in the kitchen cooking and fantasise that they are really Jamie Oliver! Then they listen to their children tell them their news and read them a bedtime story. Then collapses! We could go on and on but the point is to recognise the amount of creative energy it takes just to keep everything going. So, when I ask someone where their creative talents lie and can they fit some creative time into their busy week they look astounded and insist that they have no creativity and nor do they have time to indulge in such things. 

However, I would like to suggest that, within that busy schedule, you are already using huge amounts of creativity and it is not so difficult to develop your unacknowledged creative energy. You simply becoming aware of your daily activities and reorganise a couple of them with a slightly altered eye. And that is when it gets exciting! 

I firmly believe that recognising and nurturing your creativity is essential to living a balanced life. Since we are created then we have the ongoing need to create and recreate. The majority of people create new life and that is an amazing accomplishment. The exquisite feeling of holding your new baby is without doubt beyond words. The lifetime responsibility is huge and so consumes much of our energy for evermore. Which is fine, but can also be the vehicle through which we lose touch with the other creative aspects of ourselves and so then feel bereft when the little one grows up and flees the nest. To engage our children in their own creative pursuits and nurture that creativity is one of the most powerful things you can do for your children. Because it is about so much more than just making something pretty or functional. It is about developing independence, believing in oneself and owning one’s power. And about contribution. Even leaving a legacy. 

Some people choose not to or are unable to have children and so they have time to develop their creativity in different ways. The sexual or sacral chakra, situated just below the navel, is the creative chakra. Represented by the colour orange, one way to stimulate our creative powers is to meditate on the colour orange. There is no right or wrong creative pursuit, as long as it is not harming anyone else. Creating things is actually a form of serving each other which has to be the highest privilege one can be accorded. Serving and supporting each other is what we are here to do. To love and bless our planet and to love and bless all who inhabit our beautiful planet. 

Creativity is love and by creating and sharing our creations we are exchanging love and sharing our light and, heaven knows, we need that right now more than ever. The creative arts have long been used as therapy. There is something about taking a raw material and transmuting it into something else, something useful or beautiful or both; that is very calming and healing. 

So, start somewhere. Start from somewhere very simple. Start to spend 10 minutes or half an hour every day engaging with your creative self. Mostly, you will find that it lies in something that you already do, like painting or knitting or gardening and it is simply a case of rearranging your daily activities a little and reshaping your concept of what it means to be creative. Unleash your creative genius. It is hungering for acknowledgement and to be loved and when it is recognised and satisfied every other aspect of your life will benefit! 

Kate Mchardy MA(Hons) PGCE MSPH Spiritual coach, teacher and healer. / Tel: +44 7712889534. Facebook: The University of Light Group / Readings at The University of Light (@tarotangelspiritreadings).  

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