National Day 2020

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Winston & Vicky

National Day will be a little different for us this year as we would normally attend Casemates and listen to the speeches, sing our anthem and enjoy the atmosphere.

Gibraltar National Day is a special day and Vicky and myself will still be dressing in red and white and enjoy walking around Main street greeting people, keeping in mind social distancing of course.

We would normally enjoy the rest of the day at Western beach eating and relaxing. Hopefully we will be able to do this.

For us every National Day is different and unforgettable, the sea of red and white and people in unison enjoying the day together, the music the ambiance the laughter. 

This year will most certainly be remembered and maybe not for the best reasons But we will make the most of what we have.

Rossanna Gonzalez

National Day is always bittersweet for me because it brings back fond memories of spending it with my late father Salvador. Even though he passed away 14 years ago, I still miss him so much. He will always be my hero.

I remember being two years old when I went to my first National Day with my dad. He loved National Day and when my kids were young we all used to walk up and down Main Street with him.

One of my fondest memories of past National Days was wearing a large Union Jack badge and falling asleep in the Queen’s Cinema when Brammy Benatar opened the cinema for free for the day. A shame I couldn’t remember what was showing onscreen.

Although National Day will be different this year because of quarantine restrictions, My family and I will still be dressing in red and white in celebration.  We always go to the Manchester United Supporters Club and it would make my dad very happy to know that we have carried on with that tradition.

Fireworks have always been a big part of the National Day celebrations for us and this is what we will miss most this year. We will just have to watchTV and get in the spirit of the occasion at home, but it won’t be quite the same!

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