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As air pollution in Gibraltar fell significantly during lockdown, it has re-energised Government thinking to help clean-up the impact of human activity in the Rock.

Space-efficiency and minimising pollution form the cornerstones of attempting to influence peoples’ behaviour in everyday economic activity.

It is proposed to do this in a number of ways, including:Making it safer and more convenient for people to walk short journeys, especially to work and school

  • Making cycling a safe and viable alternative to private cars through the creation of segregated cycle lanes wherever possible
  • Improving the quality, reliability, speed and accessibility of bus travel
  • Implementing a smart and equitable system of road user charging
  • Reducing emissions from freight operations, covering not just cleaner vans and lorries but also e-cargo bikes for city centre deliveries
  • Reducing tourist vehicles coming in to the city by providing attractive and affordable alternatives
  • Providing greater incentives for the purchase of zero-carbon vehicles and introducing a scrappage scheme for old vehicles
  • Enabling people to use zero-carbon shared private transport (scooters, bicycles, cars & vans) to aid a reduction in car ownership

The Minister for the Environment, Sustainability and Climate Change, the Hon Prof. John Cortes, commented “Active travel can improve our health and our quality of life. This is a chance to permanently improve the air that we breathe and we would urge everyone to work with us in making Gibraltar a better place to be.”

The Minister for Business, Tourism and Transport, the Hon Vijay Daryanani, said, “We want to show people that life is not all about using your car. If people walk and cycle more, you have a more attractive and livable city. Our new road projects will showcase our vision for a Greener Gibraltar. These projects are for our future generations, when people will look back and see that this Government had the foresight to deliver these wonderful projects.

“The only way to improve our quality of living is to get everyone involved, and that is what we are trying to achieve.”

New trails announced

Minister for the Environment, Sustainability and Climate Change, the Hon Prof. John Cortes has announced that new walking routes around the Rock will be established.

“I am hoping to take the Bill to Parliament early in the Autumn and then we can start the promotion of the National Trails,” he said.

“We are hoping that people who have come out and done a lot of walking during lockdown will be able to go back to that and discover some new trails that we are opening up by way of encouraging enjoyment of nature and physical activity,” the Minister further explained.

“These new trails will encourage people to visit Gibraltar because it is a stunning Rock with some lovely natural trails and wonderful views and we want to share that and bring visitors back.”

Some of the trails are established ones like the Mediterranean Steps and some are those on the Upper Rock, like Inglis Way, which are less well known.

“We are promoting many of the popular trails that already exist like the ones along the lower slopes on the Rock, but also one on the East Side near Blackstrap Cove, around Europa Point, and Devil’s Tooth, which is a new part of the Nature Reserve that is only a few months old.”

“It is going to be quite exciting and I think people in Gibraltar will enjoy seeing places that ,even though they have lived here all their lives, they may not have seen before.”

Survey for the vulnerable

Public Health Gibraltar and The Care Agency, in association with the University of Gibraltar, are conducting a survey on personal experiences of Gibraltarians during lockdown.

The responses will be used to inform plans for how best to protect individuals and the community going forward.

People who shielded, for example, because of being prescribed immunosuppressive medication, or over 70 are invited to take part.

All responses are anonymous, and it will take about 20 minutes to complete. Family members may be required to help those less IT literate.

Cultural Awards Nominees

JUNIOR (Under 15s)

  1. ADITYA DHANWANI – Gibraltar Young Musician of the Year and contribution to GAMPA’s online offering during lockdown.
  2. ANGELIKA JANE BOSCO – Autumn Poetry Competition and Covid Short Story Competition Winner.
  3. JAKE TORRES – Produced the ‘Corona Travel’ book with illustrations, which was published and promoted online.
  4. NATHAN VILLALBA – Best Male Dancer at the 2020 Gibraltar International Dance Festival and Bronze medalist at the 2019 Dance World Cup.

YOUTH (Under 25s)

  1. AMY WINK – Best Female Dance at the 2020 Gibraltar International Dance Festival, Silver medalist at the 2019 Dance World Cup and recipient of three international dance scholarships in Paris and Madrid respectively.
  2. CARMEN ANDERSON – Online blog interviewing a selection of cultural professionals, contribution to the 2020 Drama Festival both on and off stage and contribution to other literary events and competitions.
  3. GIBRALTAR YOUTH SERVICE – ‘Find Your Brave’ Self-Portrait Exhibition raising awareness for mental health.

SENIOR (Over 25s)

  1. BEATRICE GARCIA – Solo art exhibitions in London and Gibraltar, creating a portrait of Viv Anderson, and her artistic contribution online during Covid including ‘The Art Club’ and ‘How to Draw’.
  2. GIBRALTAR POETRY ANTHOLOGY – Publication of ‘The Anthology of Contemporary Gibraltar Poets’ book and contribution and promotion of literature both locally and abroad.
  3. MARIBEL MATTHEWS – Recipient of the New York ‘Artivism Award’ for environmental awareness through her art, also received the international ‘Michelangelo Award’ in Rome for artistic talent.


  1. BAYSIDE COMPREHENSIVE SCHOOL – Headmasters Portrait Exhibition depicting the 10 head teachers in the school’s 48 year history. An exemplary project for a new school building.
  2. GIBRALTAR YOUTH SERVICE – ‘Find Your Brave’ Self-Portrait Exhibition supporting mental health and in particular creating awareness during mental health week for children.
  3. JM MEMORIAL FOUNDATION – leading two major educational projects. A cultural exchange with Morocco including an art exhibition, workshops and a music video. The Victor Quintanilla ‘Cosmos’ sculpture exhibition at GEMA Gallery, featuring metal and recycled materials.


These four awards have already been decided by the Board and will be announced at the awards ceremony together with the rest of the winners in each category. The Awards ceremony is scheduled for Tuesday 3rd November 2020 at the Sunborn Hotel.

Frontline workers exhibition

Gibraltar Cultural Services, on behalf of the Ministry for Culture, and the Fine Arts Association have worked together on a cultural initiative encouraging Gibraltarian artists to paint or draw portraits of our frontline heroes for free.

The project was established as part of GCS cultural development drive whilst on coronavirus social lockdown.

The idea derived from UK artist Tom Croft who was painting key workers portraits for free, during lockdown. Over 50 local artists took on the challenge and an exhibition of works is now set as part of the National Celebrations programme of events.

The exhibition will be held at the GEMA Gallery, Montagu Bastion from Tuesday 25th August to Friday 2nd October 2020.

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