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Normally in September the ESG would be spreading the word about the Clean Up The World weekend which takes place this month globally every year, and encouraging Gibraltar’s citizens to get involved in its wide reaching mission of cleaning and protecting our natural environment. 

Clean Up The World was established 26 years ago as a non-profit, non-government event. Its common focus is to protect the environment and is one of the largest community-based environmental campaigns in the world, engaging some 35,000,000+ people in 133 countries. It has been supported and organised in Gibraltar by the ESG for over 15 years, to incredible success. Bringing together teams of volunteers from every sector of our community picking up rubbish, with hundreds locally getting involved. 

Clean up sites in Gibraltar are identified the preceding weeks to the usual Clean Up The World weekend, via land and sea surveys – with support from agencies where necessary – and the ESG co-ordinates numerous teams representing organisations, businesses, agencies clubs and schools who take part cleaning up the many sites. Principally targeted are green and coastal sites, including open water, underwater and boat and abseil access only, revetments etc. 

Key effort is to remove harmful waste from our natural environment to help restore and protect habitats and make them safe for humans too. Over 30 separate sites here are usually tackled each year. 

Through the preparation and lead up to the Clean Ups themselves the ESG has found that this annual campaign has been very useful in spreading awareness in the community as well as inspiring others to take action. It also helps with the management and handling of waste and litter issues on the Rock. 

This year sadly, it is likely that the campaign will not be able to operate to its usual capacity and involve wide spread public action in Gibraltar. At the time of going to press the likelihood was the event as a mass gathering would be cancelled, but do check for statements in the media for updates and details in case the situation should change. However that is not to say that we can’t all play our part in caring for the Rock and taking some time out this month to think about litter and how responsible we are with our own waste. 

Do please email the ESG at if you are interested in taking part and you will be contacted directly by a member of the Clean Up with any updates. 

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