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The Lynx clubhouse is the heart of Lynx football club, boasting the largest premises owned by any Football club in Gibraltar.

In 2014, Albert Parody and his team made a financial commitment to take the yellows to new heights and consequently initiated an investment to the once derelict building that had stood empty for 7 years, previously owned by a Gibraltar Hockey team. This purchase was one of most significant events undertaken by the Club in its short history and was by no means possible without the unselfish commitment of Julian Bellido, an old servant of the club and former general manager.

It has been amazing to see the club’s facilities expand alongside the senior and youth teams becoming a central hub of all that Lynx F.C. stands for.

Located at 41/3 Europa Road, the club provides the space needed to keep any team on its feet, from Rest Rooms, changing rooms, Gyms, Cafeteria, meeting room, offices, Meditation room, Physio treatment room, hot and cold bath facilities and many more, making the Lynx Club the most equipped clubhouse in Gibraltar.  Through the hard work of volunteers, contractors and the Lynx committee, The club has been developed into one of the finest football complexes in Gibraltar.

Since Lynx F.C. was established in 2007 they have always worked alongside the community to ensure they are the club of the people. This has included supporting various charities and societies along the way including Little Smiles, Gibraltar Alzheimer’s & Dementia Society and Alcoholics Anonymous, bringing pride and honour in supporting those who support us. Success has not been achieved without hard work and the Club has been blessed with a fine range of individuals who have given their time to help Lynx achieve its goals.

Each year, Lynx hosts various events for a variety of age groups, opening their facilities for the benefit of the community; hosting a large variety of events from birthday party celebrations to family get-togethers or just a quick coffee and a bite to eat on lunch breaks. With limited facilities available up at Europa Point, the Lynx family are honoured to be able to host such a diverse range for individuals or groups needs.

This year, Lynx are looking at expanding their planned events with family and friends at the centre of all they do and cannot wait to serve the mighty yellows. These will be focused on children, adults and families not only within Lynx F.C. but the wider community as well. To have a dedicated department for events Jonathan Costa recently approached Stevie Roche to become Head of Events for the club with the senior assistance of Kathy Noble.

Alongside the support of the fellow committee members, Stevie will be introducing new ideas and planned events within the Clubhouse. We have used the time during the pandemic to brainstorm ideas for the coming year and look forward to not only getting the Lynx family involved but also to reach out to the wider community. 

With such advanced facilities available at the club we are looking forward to building memories for families and friends. Please check our website or social media for details of forthcoming events and if you would like to host an event with Lynx, please call: + (350) 200 69695 /

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