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Let’s start by introducing the person responsible for driving most of our initiatives over the last five years, our current Chief Executive Officer, Mr Jonathan Costa. Since 2015, Jonathan has been a key volunteer member within the Lynx family; providing support in several committee roles, but primarily focused on marketing, communications, innovation, and investment in our sponsors. Selfless, committed and determined, Jonathan’s unwavering support to the whole Lynx family is exemplary and worthy of recognition.

Two years ago, Jonathan took on the task of redesigning, redefining and developing the global Lynx brand, structuring and enhancing our social media platforms, looking for ways to innovate and promote the footballing message to a greater pool of people, across all demographics.

As we navigate through the COVID-19 dilemma, we thought it would be interesting to take a look at some Lynx F.C. highlights over the last few years. Focusing on innovation and the Club’s drive to explore new avenues for raising its profile that of its members and of course, sponsors.

Having achieved a Verified Facebook Page denoted by the ‘blue tick’, in 2016, Jonathan was able to live stream events via our profile/fan page; the first football club in Gibraltar to do so. With the camera identified, a purchased followed and shortly after, the Club’s new equipment arrived directly from the States.

We are excited with the continued development of this media, allowing us to provide even more substantial and more widespread exposure to our sponsors and their brands. We are currently finalising the integration of live scores during streaming sessions, incorporating advertisements and sponsorship information during matches and at intervals. 

Our media reach is far stronger than our footballing competitors, with 38,471 followers on Facebook and 4,829 followers on Twitter in countries spanning Europa, North and South America, and Asia. This achievement can only be attributed to Jonathan’s infectious passion for taking Lynx continually to new levels.

Incredibly proud of the media platform which has been established, you may think that Jonathan would struggle to find a favourite personal achievement. Well, if I were a betting man, my money would be on the exponential rise in interest that has been generated over the last few years in Futsal. With Lynx’s record-breaking fifth Domestic Futsal title coming this year, and the sixth year of UEFA Champions League participation, I know that 2015 holds a very dear place in Jonathan’s heart. Responsible for organising and hosting the first-ever UEFA Futsal Champions League Preliminary Qualification Round to be held in Gibraltar is something that our CEO and the Lynx family will never forget. A tremendous privilege to not only represent Club and Country, but also to be chosen to host visiting UEFA teams was genuinely inspiring – hard work, but inspiring!  

Lynx Futsal will be live-streamed for the first time next season, and we will be streaming our victorious Futsal team as they embark upon another UEFA campaign abroad. 

I think we have established that Jonathan has been the driving force behind the Lynx global brand, so I thought I would finish with a couple of things that you may not know about Jonathan.

Married to the beautiful Alicia and with four lovely children, two boys and two girls; a 10-year military career with the Royal Gibraltar Regiment, and currently an IT manager at STM, Jonathan somehow finds time to help others. For over 12 years, Jonathan has established, driven, supported and delivered many charitable initiatives; local support groups; youth enterprises and support networks for vulnerable people and groups in need of help outside of Lynx.  

In 2011, he set up ‘Gibwork’, a non-profit organisation to help provide guidance and support to unemployed people having difficulties finding employment. His aim for this group was simple – to help individuals find a Job. Offering advice, direction, support and personal dialogue, Gibwork is now established on Facebook with 50,522 members and provides a platform to a broader audience to help the unemployed community.  

We are fortunate and honoured to call him our CEO. 

For further information, please contact the club on or 200 69695.


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