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I am often asked by people how they can find their purpose or even if they have a purpose!

I am often asked by people how they can find their purpose or even if they have a purpose!

My initial response is, “Follow your Bliss and you will Find your Purpose”. Perhaps that should be “Follow your Bliss and your Purpose will Find You!” It sounds easy, I know, but like most things in life, the more you practice the easier it gets.

What do I mean by Follow Your Bliss?

Basically, I mean that when you find what you love to do, magic happens. Frustrations lessen, irritation lessens and life takes on a rather different hue. When we identify and tap into our inner creativity, we find bliss and harmony in places we couldn’t even have imagined existed.  

If we look to the dictionary meaning of bliss we find: perfect happiness; great joy; pleasure; delight; euphoria; ecstasy and more. A state of spiritual blessedness is described as “typically that reached after death”. Wow!

And I assert that YES, we can find this state in our everyday lives!  

Can you remember back to when you were a child and you could become so completely lost in your own world of imagination? It might be pretty well hidden deep in the recesses of your memory, but it is there. If you cannot locate it then watch small children at play and tune in with their amazing fresh energy. That state of complete unawareness of the world around – completely at one with the task in hand, that sense of wonder and joy when you have created something.  That feeling that children have when they have achieved or created something and they feel limitless, unstoppable and can achieve anything! And they are right. Sadly, it does rather get knocked out of us in the harsh world out there but it never dies! You have that inside you and you just need to get back in touch with it.

Those of you who have read my previous two articles in this series will be familiar with the concept of The Inner You and my PIES model. By learning this model and practicing it you will identify your creativity very quickly and so your own special area of Bliss. Maybe you like to design knitwear as I do…maybe you make glorious naturally scented soaps or make incredible drawings…beautiful crochet work, jewellery…the list is endless and the secret is what works for you. What gets you excited and takes you beyond the world you inhabit physically and touches the spiritual world from whence you originate. 

Once you have found your Bliss and begun to incorporate it into your life then your Purpose becomes apparent because it derives from your Bliss. Think about it – how could you possibly have a purpose that didn’t connect you with a state of Bliss! You don’t need to look for your Purpose because it will find you. And don’t confuse purpose with process…we are drawn into many processes and think, “Ah this is my purpose” only to find that you move onto something else!  Processes are stepping stones and are always a way of living your purpose and sharing it with the world. The process might change but the Purpose never does. 

And what do we mean by purpose? Again, referring to the dictionary, we find that it can mean ambition; aspiration; desire; reason for being here; function. For this article, I like “reason for being here”.  All of us, at some point, have asked ourselves “Why am I here?” Great question – but don’t beat yourself up over it. Like I said, Follow your Bliss and you will Find your Purpose. You don’t need to look for it.  

It can be argued that there is only one purpose and that is to work for the good of mankind … being an envoy of unconditional love.  I tend to think this might well be true but whatever, we each have our own individual way of manifesting that and working it on a daily basis. 

This works best when we follow our intuition. When we are lost in Bliss our mind relaxes and allows ideas and inspiration to enter. At first this can seem a bit silly or overwhelming. The adult mind immediately wants to censor and be ‘sensible’. But, when we allow our minds to be open and receptive then we discover that these moments of inspiration are guiding lights. Steps at a time, little by little, try things out and gradually you will find it all making more sense. You will be drawn forward in the magnificence of your being and literally guided to do what you love and what you do best. You know you have truly hit home when you are consumed with passion for what you do. You will be drawn to people who need to share their energy with you and who want to learn from you. And you will be drawn to people from whom you will learn. You will waken up in the morning full of energy and excitement, in awe of life and full of gratitude for another day and what it has waiting to share with you. 

Give yourself permission to go forth and Follow your Bliss.  It is the most caring thing you can do for yourself, your fellow beings and your planet!


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