Sunsets and Full Moons

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I confess that the above heading attracted my curiosity more because of its imagery than because it’s an album title by one of the top touring bands of the last decade, The Script. We were fortunate to see them here at the GMF a few years back and they left a sellout Victoria Stadium wanting more. Today they still have the magic and the new songs to draw sellout crowds into their concerts all over the world. 

The Script is an Irish band from Dublin who came to prominence in 2007. Core members are Danny O’Donoghue, lead singer and keyboardist, guitarist Mark Sheehan and drummer Glen Power. They now have four albums to their name and have sold over 29 million records to date. They have a catalogue of excellent hit songs and their latest album ‘Sunsets and Full Moons,’ which they released last November and are currently touring, is a great album to carry on their legacy and build on it. 

The touring has had to be stopped for the next few months because of the coronavirus pandemic. Already a number of concerts have been postponed until June including UK dates and European shows in Brussels, Cologne and Amsterdam. All those cancelled concert upsets won’t stop us enjoying their latest album of nine songs with a little over half hour duration should we feel that way inclined. 

Most music fans nowadays have ‘Spotify’ so there is instant gratification in downloading any album at no cost other than the annual subs. Why I recommend this album is quite simple, because few bands nowadays have the gift of writing great tunes and words for them and even fewer bands manage to constantly reinvent themselves without losing their mass appeal. These guys have it all. 

The Script tick many boxes and recently in a TV appearance on ‘Dancing on Ice’ I was reminded that in Danny O’Donoghue the band have an iconic singer who can really sell their songs well. Much like U2 with Bono, both front men have bags of charisma and leave an indelible stamp on their live performances. They are both original and quirky and they both front great bands which have an uncanny knack of becoming huge hits as they resonate with the public. Oh, and they’re both Irish as I write this on St Patrick’s Day which this year has had to be rather mooted in celebrations because of aforementioned CV pandemic.

You will enjoy this album as it has already spawned a couple of hits which you probably have heard often enough on Radio Gibraltar but failed to make the connection to The Script if you missed the announcement by the DJs. Sample the album with an open mind and perhaps like me you end up downloading it as the songs quickly grow on you for their freshness and vitality. I had forgotten how good they are in albums.

These guys are up there with Coldplay, Maroon5, U2 and other giants of the concert arenas and if you check them out online and read their reviews and tour information you will discover that The Script are still moving forward with the times in spite of the title of their mega hit ‘I’m Not Moving.’  


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