The best of CES 2020

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There were a few surprises at this year’s event in Las Vegas. Sony unveiled a car, Samsung and LG continued to push the boundaries of television display resolution, and smart home product manufacturers signed up to a more compatible, collaborative approach.

It’s easy to be blindsided by the offerings of the big hitters. One product that could revolutionise the lives of millions with diabetes is the Add Care Glutrac. It claims to be a non-invasive wearable glucose monitor.

On the same tack, Focul debuted its first Dolby Atmos speaker. Part of three products revealed at the event, the floor standing Chora 826-D features a vertical-firing driver that delivers the spacial height channels of an Atmos soundtrack. Quite a technical undertaking.

The wireless earphones/headphones segment is one of the most rapidly growing areas in consumer electronics. There have been multiple new products introduced by both established and newer entrants to the market. Technics presented their catchily-named EAH-AZ70W at CES. It’s available in black or silver, and features splash-proof capability, as well as integration with digital assistants, depending on which smartphone is used.

Everyone had expected Sony to make a splash about the PlayStation 5. Much to everyone’s surprise, they simply unveiled its logo and concentrated on their concept vehicle, the VISION-S. Packed with loads of sensors, AI and a beefy entertainment system, it was certainly a bit leftfield.

Will next year live up to this? We’ll just have to wait and see.


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