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The Gibraltar Defence Police (GDP) Forum for Females (FFF) recently held a coffee morning. Guests at the event included HMGoG’s Minister for Equality Samantha Sacramento, Commissioner of Police Mr Ian McGrail, one of the partners from Hassans Mr Ian Felices and Commander British Forces Commander Tim Henry.  In addition to GDP officers and staff, colleagues from the wider MOD community and from the Royal Gibraltar Police were also present.

The FFF was set up last year for women working across all areas of the GDP. 

Alex Romero, Head of Business Support within the GDP and Chair of the FFF, explained that its purpose is to create a support mechanism to ensure that the workforce is more representative of the community that it serves, by working to increase the number of female employees within the GDP and Defence Guard Service (DGS) and the number of female employees at higher ranks in these areas. In addition, the Forum seeks to identify diversity and inclusion issues encountered within the GDP, provide mutual support and encouragement, ensure a level playing field in all areas of business and provide both internal and external networking experiences.

Speaking at the event the Minister for Equality said, “I am delighted to see that there has been such a positive outcome from the Department of Equality’s Women’s Mentorship Programme at this level. It is particularly important in sectors where women are significantly under-represented that a forum such as this exists to facilitate inclusion and the message that senior jobs can be undertaken by women. It is through fora such as this where professional futures are shaped. I wish to thank those who have led on setting up this forum and wish it every success.”


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