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COP25’s Blockchain Opportunity

in Business Insight

Minister for Environment, Sustainability and Climate Change John Cortes attended the 25th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP25) in Madrid. As well as representing Gibraltar, he also had the responsibility of being the political lead of all British Overseas Territories.

As a leading proponent of blockchain technology, Gibraltar was able to discuss a proposed HMGoG “climate change trading” initiative.

Commenting on his attendance at COP25, Minister Cortes said, “It was very important that Gibraltar was there, and indeed that the Overseas Territories were represented – and it was an honour to have been entrusted to do so by the Governments of the other territories.

There has been a sense of disappointment at the final outcome – precisely because it wasn’t really final. While we haven’t gone back on commitments, some key decisions have been kept in abeyance till next year, with a great deal to do during 2020. I found that Gibraltar’s own work on climate change is up there with many of the countries best preparing to tackle the crisis, and will be a lot better when we are back at COP26 in Glasgow. We need to take our place in the international community in our commitment to dealing with Climate Change.”


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