On the Spot: Paul Gibson

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Chartered Surveyor / Property Valuer and Director of Gibson Gale Ltd

Where did you first start your employment?

“In a small Land Agency Practice in Rochdale near Manchester.” 

How would you describe yourself?  

“Difficult question, A personality test for a job many years ago said that I had an investigative personality and was not a risk taker and at the time I was surprised to get the job. Sounds boring but I think I have developed over the years!!”

Which person had been the biggest influence in your life? 

“Probably my grandmother who took life as it came and would say such gems as ‘there is plenty more fish in the sea’ and ‘whatever happens it will be for the best’. She almost reached 100 years which goes to show that worry is bad for you.”

What is the best book you have ever read? 

“Not an easy one but the book I read the most was Lord of the Rings (the trilogy) which I read about 6 times, not sure that it is the best book I have ever read perhaps I need to read it again.”

What is your favourite music track? 

“This is a moving feast but perhaps a classic such as ‘Baker Street’ by Jerry Rafferty.”

What is your biggest fear? 

“Being unable to go out on my bike.”

If you could change something about yourself what would it be? 

“Get my hair to grow back.”

Have you ever been given advice that you wished you had acted on?  

“To buy bitcoins when they first came out and hold them to the top of her market.”

What is the worst advice that you have ever been given? 

“Not to buy Bitcoins.”

What is the best country you have ever visited? 

“Probably Italy where you can immerse yourself in history and the atmosphere of the place.” 

What makes you laugh? 

“Good black comedy such as The League of Gentlemen.”

What is your greatest ambition? 

“To win the Tour de France, sadly only a dream.”

What is your idea of perfect happiness? 

“A relaxing holiday with my partner Raquel.”

Have you had any embarrassing moment? 

“I was in the house some years ago when I was woken by my daughters who said 2 cars were on fire in the street below, I jumped out of bed onto the 

terrace expecting the worst to be told by everyone around to get some clothes on as I was stark naked.”

What work or phrase do you most overuse? 

“Yes of course I can.”

Do you have any regrets? 

“Not being born with hindsight.”

What keeps you awake at night? 

“Thinking about work or pets jumping on the bed.”

What is the best experience you’ve had in life so far? 

“Seeing my daughters grow up to be good sensible adults.”

If you did not live where you are currently located where would you like to live? 

“Possibly Corsica.”

What person historic or living would you most like to meet? 

“Helen of Troy to see if she was as beautiful as history says she was.”

If you could change one thing about Gibraltar what would it be? 

“Having less traffic on the roads.”

What is your favourite hobby or interest? 

“Road cycling.”