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Formed in Manchester in 1989, the band currently consists of Gary Barlow composer and lead singer, Howard Donald and Mark Owen. Of course, people of a “certain age” will recall the original line-up that featured Jason Orange and Robbie Williams. And over time, there have been reunions of sorts – whether on the stage or in the studio. They’ve had a string of chart hits behind them and some very successful million-selling studio albums.

And the good news for Gibraltar is that they’re coming to the Rock for Gibraltar Calling 2019.

We’re talking about a world class touring band which obviously doesn’t come cheap or small – it’s a big brand and a huge coup to have booked them. We can rest assured that we’re in for a real treat whether a fan or not, because their song catalogue comprises of melodious and heartwarming songs that have become a soundtrack to the lives of romantically-inclined pop music lovers.

Songs like Relight my Fire (1993), Back for Good (2005), Patience (2006), Rule the World (2006), Shine (2006), The Flood (2010), are among the best pop written in the last thirty years, and having witnessed their spectacular show a few years ago here on our big screen worldwide release night, I can vouch for their exciting performance and showmanship. It will crown our new Europa National Stadium and also celebrates the MTV/Gibraltar Government tie-up music festival contract which expires then.

Their 7th Tour: ‘Take That’ presents The Circus Live, begun 10 years ago in 2009 on June 5th at Sunderland’s Stadium of light and ended at Wembley Stadium a month later on July 5th. It was seen by over a million people and made a profit of £40,560,000. At the time it was the fastest selling tour ever with all 600,000 tickets sold for the original eight dates in only five hours! Their current tour sees them in Amsterdam, Zurich, Paris and Berlin and they have revealed that they will embark on a huge UK tour and European tour to celebrate their thirtieth anniversary. That is why that with a little bit of magic and fairy dust we will be proudly hosting them here on the Rock.

Gary Barlow’s net worth is estimated to be around £49.6 million, and he has written thirteen UK number one singles. Jason Orange who left the band in 2014 is worth $30million, to put some perspective into that, Brian May from Queen is estimated to be worth $175million (nearly £138million), so you can appreciate why superstars need to continue to work. They simply want to keep climbing up the rich list to outdo each other (joke), but more importantly, they always reinvent themselves and are always slaves to their concert reputation and song catalogues. That is why we love them, which then translates into their ‘bigger better richer’ and the trappings of their fame.

If life at the top isn’t too much fun because of all the hard work and travelling they should try retiring, but then we would all lose out because we wouldn’t be able to worship them at these huge concerts, the likes of which the Rock can be proud to host one soon in our ever-growing Music Festival.

If you haven’t got your Gibraltar Calling Music Festival tickets yet, get your skates on, as incredible as it sounds, they will sell out. Look at how Andrea Bocelli tickets sold out in just two days. He’s here for our National Week Concert on September 9th. We can do the impossible but miracles may take a little longer as they say. Till next time, ‘try a little patience’ breathe music … it’s cleaner than air, and good for your soul too!


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